Love List; Chicago Mix and Matching Valentine’s Sweaters

In this week’s Love List, the SweetPhi team is sharing a great article about a partnership you need to see!  Plus, a must-read book, sandals you’ll want to grab before the summer and much more fun.

cell phone and coffee mug

  1. I feel like such a responsible adult with my new Pyrex storage container set, they’re incredible and don’t stain like the plastic ones do (my plastic ones were orangy from pasta sauce and years of use!)
  2. Saw this weird/cool purse cleaning magnet on social media, just got one to try it – it supposedly keeps the bottom of your purse clean and it’s reusable! FASCINATING!
  3. A book for your bedside table: open it anywhere for a little mind & body exercise

    Purse magnets, food storage containers, Mind and Body book, bag of popcorn
    Book | Purse magnet | Food storage | Popcorn
  4. Is this just a Chicago thing? This popcorn mix – I grew up in Chicago so it’s completely normal to me (and delicious!). We shared an IG poll about popcorn and it got such a fun response. Have you ever tried it?
  5. Fun article about Dolly Parton + biscuits – did you know she partnered with Duncan Hines? I did not…this is me adding it to my grocery list STAT!

Bridget’s Picks

Heart cardigans, floral print andbook cover
Mom sweater | Kid’s sweater | Art print | Book
  1. I just finished this book last week and loved it!!  It’s great if you’re into a little bit of a mystery with some interesting twists.  Highly recommend.
  2. Reginald Baylor is one of the first local artists I remember liking in Milwaukee.  I’m loving these prints currently on his site.
  3. How cute are these matching Valentine’s sweaters (Mom andMini)!?  They’re cute for Mom and mini and I always love a good cardigan 🙂

Alyssa’s Picks

Sandals and facial care
Purple sandals | Pink sandals | Face cream | Face serum
  1. I share these sandals every year I think but they are truly one of my favorite sandals for warmer months and they just came out with new colors! These sandals are also new and are on my list to grab!
  2. My favorite skincare brand just came out with a new moisturizer and I’m so excited to try it. This dry winter weather has not been nice to my skin! I also grabbed one of these serums for a little more hydration.
  3. This show just came out on Netflix and it follows the kids of the original cast of That 70’s Show. It was pretty funny but the original was definitely much better!
  4. I loved this list of self-care ideas! I did a spa night for myself this weekend and it really felt so good, so I loved finding this list for more ideas!


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