Blogtober Day 5: Now This Is Clever! New Containers At Poundland..

Disclaimer:  I haven't been paid to promote any products or stores, Just really pleased with new containers for the kitchen and wanted to share a smile x

Hi Honeys
How are you today? We're on to day five of Blogtober and approaching the end of the first week already! I wish somebody would slow time down a little, it's flying past so fast it's making me dizzy!  How did we reach October so fast this year?

Soon we'll be in January again and I'll be hopefully checking every day for any signs of our much loved garden waking up from it's too long winter nap.

I have to dash out the door to work soon but I thought, before I go, I'd share the silliest wee smile in our kitchen 😊

Kitchen containers?  Really Rosie?  Kitchen containers make you smile?  Well actually yes honeys they have and do and for a quite fabulous (and very clever I think) reason 😊

Do you remember those tiny containers of assorted designs of sprinkles used to decorate cakes etc where you'd choose which type you wanted to sprinkle and turn the lid to allow only that section to be open?  Well Poundland have only gone and found large containers that do the same thing for food storage!

As you can see, the containers have three separate compartments, so they can store more and use less space in the kitchen.  The "divider" bit isn't removable, so there's no fear of items mixing and it's supplied with two lids. 

An inner "lid" allows only one section of the container to be open at a time, just like those little cake sprinkle tubs, while the outer lid keeps the contents fresh.

I'm loving this ideas honeys and now have two of them sitting in my little baking area, instead of the six jars I previously had sitting there.  This means I can keep enough ingredients to hand for my baking inspired moments, with larger jars of the same ingredients safely stored away in the larder cabinet to be used to re-fill the containers as needed. 

This, as I said, means I can keep my baking ingredients to hand but these containers use so much less space in our little kitchen.  I love it 💖

The containers in the photo above presently contain dark and light muscovado sugar with icing sugar in the third compartment, while the other container has mini marshmallows, mixed dried fruit and sultanas in it's compartments.

Another little kitchen smile is a little wooden tea storage box...

This adorable little storage box makes a perfect home for our tea bags and looks so pretty on the counter too.  I spotted it on the Studio website in their sale section and almost didn't order it.

We're trying, one little project at a time, to declutter our home and as part of that we're trying to keep the kitchen counters clear of anything that isn't used regularly, but it's such an adorable little box and since it's home to tea, which is the main drink of choice in our house, well I think it deserves it's space on the kitchen counter 😊  What do you think honeys?

Have a great day dear ones,  I have to dash I'm afraid.  A long shift beckons.  Have the best weekend, have fun, stay warm it's getting chilly outside, and I'll see you again tomorrow for day six of Blogtember.  Till next time, smile lots and hug even more, hugs always x

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