Best Containers For Organizing A Pantry

While you don’t always need a container for your pantry, having some can totally help keep your pantry organized. But not all containers actually keep your food fresh. Some just end up taking up space in your pantry.

So I am sharing the best containers for organizing a pantry. These recommendations are from my own pantry, along with pantries of former clients and virtual clients. So you know they work!

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Declutter The Pantry First

Before we even start adding anything to the pantry, you have to declutter what you currently have. That means removing food the family no longer eats.

Get an inventory of what foods are low so you can grab more when you go to the store. And group similar food items together, making it easy to grab and go.

I break down all my declutter pantry tips in this video.

Best Containers For Organizing A Pantry

Below are my favorite containers for organizing pantry.

Plus you can get free pantry sticker labels below!

Print them out on sticker paper and adhere them onto your jars or containers to keep your pantry organized.

Air-Tight Snack Containers

These containers are my favorite for storing snack items that typically come in a box or bag. I love them because I don’t have to worry about boxes ripping, bags spilling, or things getting stale.

Baking Storage

I have found that these baking containers help keep the flours fresh, which is why I love them!

container for pantry

Long, Open Container

I like using long, open containers to hold chips and other bigger items in our pantry. These freezer bin size containers are the best for long shelves.

Stackable Containers

Sometimes you just don’t have the space for lots of open containers, so these stacking containers are my favorite! You can easily get two on a normal size shelf. Plus you can see everything inside!

Narrow Storage

Some pantries don’t have the deep shelves. So these narrow storage containers are a great option for things that may need to be in a container.

Cereal Containers

I am a big fan of cereal containers because they help keep the cereal fresh. These containers hold an entire bag of cereal for our family!

Large Lazy Susan

Large Lazy Susans are perfect for deep corners in pantries. So I love these for holding things like condiments.

Small Lazy Susan

Storing spices on a smaller Lazy Susan is perfect in your pantry.

pantry organization shelf riser

Shelf Risers

Cans and jars can fit perfectly on these shelf risers. Plus they are expandable!

Organize Your Pantry Toolkit

It can be easy to get overwhelmed with organizing your pantry. Especially if you have tried before and things not stay organized.

Gain the confidence to organize your entire pantry like a professional with the Organize Your Pantry Toolkit.

The confidence you can get from someone who walks you through the steps to organize will last.

Plus you get labels for your pantry, which is always a perk!

Organize Your Pantry Toolkit

Organize Your Pantry Toolkit

Is your pantry a disaster? Wasting food because it is getting lost in your pantry? Looking to tidy up your pantry but not sure where to start?

The Organize Your Pantry Toolkit walks you through setting up your pantry like a pro!

Creating order in a pantry takes some thought. Which is where the Toolkit comes in. It stops you overthinking while organizing.

The Organize Your Pantry Toolkit comes with 29 pages of guides, inventory lists, checklists, and tutorials. Plus you get printable labels to add to every bin and basket in your pantry!

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