30-Piece Storage Container Set

30-Piece Storage Container Set

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Between open bags of chips, leftovers from dinner, and perishable fruits and vegetables are there ever enough storage containers to go around? If you have the Zanzer 30-Piece Storage Container Set in your home, there are. This set contains 15 containers with lids to accommodate all of your food storage needs.

To supply long-term strength and use, these food-safe containers are expertly crafted using sturdy plastic construction and are BPA free to ensure a safe eating experience. Safe to use in the microwave and freezer, you can store, freeze or heat up food in the same container for years to come.

The set includes 15 containers of varying sizes, including an extra-large (71-ounce) rectangle, three medium rectangles with a 25-ounce capacity each, three large (36-ounce) deep squares, two large (29-ounce) flat squares, and six 10-ounce small rectangles. This ample supply allows you to store a variety of wet and dry food, preserve your fruits and vegetables, and refrigerator or freeze any hot and cold leftovers.

Each container includes its own airtight locking lid, outfitted with a tab to preserves the freshness and flavor of food, while also making it easy to open. And with the convenient, stackable design, you can easily store the containers one on top of the other in the kitchen cabinet, refrigerator or freezer.

Clear plastic containers and blue, transparent lids allow you to easily spot your leftovers, perishable food or the lunch you packed for work. With so many containers, you can easily pack a picnic lunch for a fun family outing too. And when you’re done, simply place them in the dishwasher to clean, then reuse them over and over again.




30 Day Warranty


Made using BPA-free, plastic construction, you can enjoy a safe eating experience when using these containers to store, freeze or heat up food for years to come. The containers are also dishwasher safe to make cleaning a breeze.

To meet all of your food storage needs, this set includes 15 storage containers with lids of various sizes to preserve wet and dry food or hot and cold leftovers. The stackable design also makes it easy to store away in your cabinet when not being used.

Each food storage container comes complete with its own airtight lid to preserve the freshness of your fruits, vegetables, leftovers and more. The lid fits perfectly to the container, furnished with a tab to ensure an airtight seal and making it easy to open.

For optimal use, these reusable food containers are safe to use in the microwave and freezer. Just remove the lid when placing in the microwave to allow air ventilation, heat and eat.

Furnished with clear plastic construction and transparent blue covers, you can easily locate items without opening up the containers. Refrigerate or freeze leftovers for a future meal, take your lunch to work, or pack a picnic basket full of special treats on your next family outing.



What you get:

One [1] XL Rectangle (71oz)
Three [3] Medium Rectangles (25oz)
Three [3] Large Deep Squares (36oz)
Two [2] Large Flat Squares (29oz)
Six [6] Small Rectangles (10oz)
Fifteen [15] Storage Container Lids
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