What to do with your fancy candles after the burn & how to remove the wax

I have always loved a good candle purchase. I am of the mind, the more candles in the home, the better. I especially love when they come in a chic little container. If I am going to spend a pretty penny on a candle, I want to be able to display it as decor in my home. I also want to make the most out of it and keep the vessel for future use. Everything I purchase has to be aesthetically attractive, I’m not into buying anything that doesn’t suit my taste. So, candle shopping is a very intentional thing for me.
Nothing frustrates me more than a high dollar candle with a sub par smell. If I want a pretty little vase, I’ll just go buy a one from Anthropologie. However, there are a few brands that I absolutely love and stand by one hundred percent. The added bonus, they make such adorable little vessels/containers for chic storage, organization & flower arrangements. We’re all about the details around here, no?
Diptyque candles are the ultimate luxury. Sure, they’re above average on the pricing scale but I do believe they are well worth it. The smells are beautiful and true, the fragrance will fill the room and continue until the very end of the candle, you can’t say that about all candles. I find that they last longer than comparable candles, too. The large Baies in black is my go-to.
I love scents & perfumery. My aunt has a candle business, Antica Collection and I have sat with her & worked on creating candle fragrances and developing scents. A lot of work goes into creating the perfect blend of oils. Her candles are my absolute favorite, the silver one burns in my home. I am obsessed with their scent and how well they burn. Hers are around 120$, I understand how pricing them works because of the time and artistry that goes into scent making and they last forever.
Voluspa is another favorite brand. They’re a little more affordable and their vessels are super chic & pretty. They have more fun & feminine scents, so I love to give these candles as gifts and everyone loves a cute voluspa candle. You just can’t go wrong with them. I also love that they come in so many different sizes, these can be great travel candles ( I always bring a candle on my weekend trips ). Branche Vermeil is my favorite I am obsessed with the mercury glass jar, so is Mokara which comes in a pretty white jar.

So what do you do when the candle ends?

I hate throwing away a pretty little candle vessel. I just could never bring myself to do it. Especially when there are so many brilliant ways to use a cute candle vessel after the burn.

Here are a few fun ideas:
🖤 Fill it with cut flowers.
🖤 Organize beauty essentials ( perfume samples, Q-tips, makeup brushes, beauty tools).
🖤 Sort office supplies ( paper clips, pens & pencils, business cards, scissors )

🖤 Replant succulents or orchids.
🖤 Cute kitchen item display ( think sugar packets, tea bags, etc. )

HOT TIP: The secret to making sure the wax removes easily at the end is to be sure that each time you burn the candle, you let the entire top layer of wax melt. Don’t blow it out before then. This ensures a smooth burn so your candle lasts and the wax pops out easily.

….and VOILA’! You have a beautiful, stylish & chic container to use for so many things around the home.

What are your favorite candles? I would love to know, let me know in the comments below…and be sure to read this post for more candle tips.

Image credit for title photo: @thatblissfulbabe , @joplacencio wearing a chic denim jacket by @heatherkilgoreart