If you are a hunter or gun owner, you have undoubtedly been in a position where you have to leave your valuable equipment in your vehicle for an extended period of time

Maybe you’re headed to hunt camp right after work, going to the shooting range over lunch, or just like to keep your 22 LR handy for some target practice before heading home after a long day at work.

No matter the reason, leaving your firearms or expensive equipment unattended in the back of your truck does not leave you with an overwhelming sense of confidence. This is why a reliable storage solution is an absolute must for any Outdoorsman. Luckily, there is a product for just this application on the market today. That product is a DU-HA Underseat Storage Container or the DU-HA Lockbox, a new product from a time-tested manufacturer.

If you don’t know who DU-HA is, let me get you up to speed. Like many other great products in history, DU-HA was born out of a need. That need was to have gear organized, tucked away, and out of sight in your truck. 16 years ago, founders Dan Ouren and Dennis Tuel Jr. teamed up to create their first under-seat storage container and the rest is history. Today DU-HA is the original and most trusted manufacturer in the space.

The great thing about DU-HA Underseat Storage is that this container keeps your gear out of sight without taking up a ton of space. The convenience of having storage under your seat and out of the way cannot be understated. A would-be thief can take a look in your back window and not even know that you have valuables stashed inside. Out of sight keeps your gear out of a criminal’s mind!

Back to the DU-HA Lockbox, just like all of the other DU-HA products, installation is a breeze. DU-HA built the Lockbox with internal mounting hardware so that when the box is closed, it cannot be removed from your truck. It also features a fully integrated keyed lock on both sides of the container. The dual lock ensures that a would-be criminal cannot lift or pry one side of the container up and slip your valuables out.

As far as construction and durability goes, DU-HA has the market on lockdown! If you’ve ever enjoyed a cold one from a Yeti, you probably noticed how rugged the cooler was. That ruggedness is a direct result of how it’s manufactured. Like Yeti’s coolers, DU-HA products are manufactured using a process called roto-molding. This manufacturing process creates extremely strong and sturdy containers.

Strength is incredibly important for mobile storage. The biggest issue with a competitor’s storage container made with thermoforming is that they will, over time, bend and flex and possibly even curl. The DU-HA will not have those issues because of how it’s manufactured.

Inside the container you have space and options! DU-HA containers have 1.25 to 1.5 times more carrying capacity than their competitors because of the design and manufacturing. The roto-molding adds more strength with less material, meaning you can fit a long gun up to 53” in length inside. Speaking of long guns, all DU-HA containers come with custom dividers perfect for your firearms.

The dividers can be adjusted and removed, which is great because you may not always need your rifles with you. When you take them out, you have a perfect compartment for power tools, fishing poles, golf clubs and more! When you do have your rifles in your Du-Ha Underseat Storage Container, you have a compliant means to carry your firearms in most states according to their firearm laws.

DU-HA has one last feature up their sleeves for your new storage container. Most of their containers come in several colors, which means your DU-HA Underseat Storage Container will blend in perfectly with your vehicle’s interior.

I have used many different methods to store and transport firearms over the years and I can say that the DU-HA blows them away! It’s versatile, easy to install, and best of all, turns truck space that is otherwise unusable into a hidden, and now lockable, storage compartment. If you have even the slightest hesitation when leaving your firearms or hunting gear in your car, you should absolutely check out DU-HA products. All through the month of October 2019, DU-HA will be offering some great online discounts, which means you will be able to get your DU-HA Underseat Storage Container at a great price.

For more information on DU-HA products, head over to DU-HA’s Website.
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